Our general terms of operation & scope of responsibility.

General studio terms and conditions:

CO-UP will always do their best to accommodate their clients, but planning ahead of time is crucial to avoid disappointment. Please make sure that any design work is requested at least 24 hours before the proposed deadline, so that we can plan our schedule accordingly.

Our studio policy is to receive a 50% deposit in before any design work commences. This ensures that dedicated time is booked for the project which is linked to a fixed amount and deliverable items or hours beforehand.

We always do our utmost to check and double-check content, especially before printing. However, CO-UP does not accept any responsibility for typing errors, or omissions on design work once proofs have been approved and signed off by the client.

Work after hours: CO-UP operates strictly within business hours: 08h00-17h00, Mondays to Fridays. But once again, should a (true) emergency arise, we will do our best to accommodate the client as best we can (within reason).

CO-UP operates at a base rate of R540* per hour. Thus any changes or alterations will be charged separately from the original project quote and scope.

If you have any other questions about our terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.