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Website Designer Pretoria


Web design remains an art form. The logical flow of a website is crucial. Your website can look beautiful but it should not be confusing to navigate. Otherwise it is ultimately a failure. We keep the user in mind when designing your website.

We do not like boring websites. The CO-UP team comprises a great mixture of graphic design and multimedia expertise. This ensures that our sites are built to make logical and visual sense.

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Once your website is complete you need to focus on marketing. That is where can also offer our services.

All of our websites are built on the WordPress content management system. The themes we use are designed for full optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation or is crucial. It ensures that you can be found online.

We like to think of ourselves as laying the foundation for your site. The possibilities are limitless from here. At this point where we refer our clients to Social Communication PTY.

CO-UP made use of Social Communication’s amazing services to boost our own offering. The results speak for themselves. To put it simply, we can give you a platform. They can launch you from that platform.

SC can give you an audience to target. Give them a call today. The results speak for themselves. In our opinion it is the most direct form of marketing available. Let them make it happen. Do not let your business sit in the dark.

Need more than graphic designer pretoria? Looking for someone to write copy, plan your online marketing campaign, connect your business to social media? Chat to our friends over at Social Communication PTY.