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    Dr. D.L. Kirstein

    Logo re-design for one of S.A.'s leading Urology Specialists.

March 2, 2015

Dr. D.L. Kirstein

Urologist Logo Design


Complete logo and brand re-design for one of S.A.’s leading Urology Specialists.

The concept was simple, we wanted to take the Doctor’s initials, and convert it to a visual signature or mark, as it were. To achieve this goal, we made use of the famous Morse Code System, peeling away layer after layer, until the final icon that remained, was a modified Morse ‘D’ character.

The icon was paired with a modern, clean font to mimic the environment in which a Doctor typically operates on a daily basis.

Although challenging, this project pushed us to deliver an end-product which both we and the client were truly satisfied with. Look at the urology logo design below.

You can visit the Pretoria Urology Hospital Website here (not designed by CO-UP).

urologist logo design

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